Our Process

We secure and deliver private sector money to contribute towards the costs of building new public transport infrastructure by harnessing the additional land value uplift created by the new infrastructure. This uplift is substantial and is much more than the normal contributions received through the planning process.

The Problem & Solution

All transport projects require large sums of money and the funding pot is never large enough to fulfil all ambitions.

E-Rail makes your case that much more compelling by injecting private finance at no cost to the transport proponent. By supporting and enabling sustainable developments around stations, we not only capture additional value for the capital funding but revenue funding is also increased through increased use of the public transport services. This also means an increase in active travel, a decrease in car use and subsequent congestion, accidents and pollution.

Land Value Capture

A one off opportunity to harness a share of the uplift in land value when transport is introduced



Commercial revenue generated by the Sponsor through leasing opportunities generated by the new project


Car Park Revenue

Generated by new rail passengers transferring from car to rail directly attributable to the new station


Adjacent Development

Commercial revenue generated by the Sponsor through development adjacent to the new station


Surplus Fare Revenue

Generated by the increase in new passengers transferring to rail directly attributable to the new station

SLC Rail

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In 2019 E-Rail joined with SLC Rail, a specialist rail consultancy business with a wealth of experience and expertise across a wide variety of environments and disciplines. SLC Rail has built a strong reputation over the last 10 years for its passion and enthusiasm to improve rail that is mirrored by the E-Rail team.

SLC Rail has developed lasting partnerships with local authorities to support them develop and deliver new third-party railway projects using innovative funding and finance models, including Worcestershire Parkway that was opened in early 2020. E-Rail and SLC Rail’s skills and expertise fully compliment each other, and when integrated provide clients with a wide range of proven methods that can be used to fund and finance new railway projects.

The diagram opposite identifies potential sources of project commercial revenues that can be unlocked by expertise within E-Rail and SLC Rail and used to finance new railway and other fixed infrastructure projects.

The key to unlock your rail project

Land Value Capture (LVC) is an important and viable methodology to be incorporated into the project funding and finance plan.

There are timeframes in the project development cycle where different LVC methodologies can be most effectively deployed.

E-Rail’s bespoke methodology within the LVC umbrella is neither a tax or levy. It is based upon the principle that land and property close to improved transport facilities experience a measurable increase in value above that of property in less well served areas. We can harness this benefit at an early stage through directly negotiated landowner contributions.

The E-Rail Process

Phase 1
Phase 2

Route Survey

We will undertake an initial survey of the planned route and give an estimate of the likely value uplift.


A confidential report is prepared with details of land affected, ownerships, and value estimates, all with the co-operation of the local authority officials.


We will negotiate with the agreed and pre-selected landowners. Contributions Agreements are secured and delivered to a Fund set up for the project.


We continue to monitor the rail delivery and changes in land use, that trigger the Contribution Agreements. We arrange through the escrow agents the distribution to the transport provider.

Studies Undertaken

Projects E-Rail has worked or is currently working on in the UK. Further details of these projects can be obtained from E-Rail subject to confidentiality restrictions.

Here is a selection of our UK projects:
  • 1 Aberdeen Crossrail
  • 2 Cardiff
  • 3 Edinburgh South-Surburban Railway
  • 4 Edinburgh Tram to the Airport
  • 5 Edinburgh North Surburban
  • 6 East Sussex
  • 7 Fife
  • 8 Kent
  • 9 Nottingham
  • 10 Northumberland
  • 11 Alloa
  • 12 Belfast
  • 13 Bristol
  • 14 Cambridge
  • 15 Chingford
  • 16 Corby
  • 17 Derby
  • 18 Glasgow
  • 19 Leeds
  • 20 Lewisham
  • 21 Luton
  • 22 Manchester
  • 23 Northampton
  • 24 Liverpool Airport
  • 25 Portsmouth
  • 26 Reading
  • 27 Rosyth
  • 28 Sheffield
  • 29 Southampton Parkway
  • 30 Tees Valley
  • 31 Wealden line (Lewes)
  • 32 Dundee
  • 33 Doncaster
  • 34 Stockton
  • 35 Durham
  • 36 Sunderland
  • 37 Bedford
  • 38 Litchfield
  • 39 Walsall

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