Providing funds for public transport projects

We secure and deliver private sector money raised from land value capture which contributes significant funds ranging from 20% to 70% of the capital cost towards the building of new public transport infrastructure.

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Our Vision

Our wish is to see the E-Rail methodology effectively utilised on all new or existing line reopening rail projects in the UK.

The public purse is needed to plan and build necessary infrastructure connecting our towns and cities. whilst citizens benefit from the tax pounds being invested in this way, some benefit should be shared with the public from those who are lucky enough to own land in the affected places. At E-rail we feel that such unearned windfalls can be equitably distributed by hypothecating the proceeds to the rail project only. This helps to reduce the cost to the state and also enables some projects to happen in the first place.

Our Process

It is well established that improved transport accessibility enhances the value of the land and property in the immediate vicinity of rail stations.

E-Rail has developed a methodology for capturing a share of that value secured solely for the specific rail project. This promotes a partnership between landowners and the public sector whereby they share this newly created wealth to improve profits and help fund the railway. It also helps to create sustainable communities around stations.

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Case Study

Jubilee Line.

Two independent professional valuations undertaken a few years after the opening of the extension agreed that the property within 1km of each new station experienced a combined increase in value of £13.5bn. Land value capture might have enabled part if not all of the cost to be met.

In our view, this method is a significant new way to raise funds for public transport projects, especially heavy and light rail. The partnership with E-Rail has worked well and their unique expertise has been invaluable. We have no hesitation in recommending E-Rail and would urge other Regional and Local Authorities to consider using the E-Rail method in these times of financial restraint.


Stuart McNaughton

Strategic Transport Manager, Northumberland County Council